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Dear ladies and gentlemen,


We have for a long time hatched the idea of a magazine covering the daily experiences of testers and providing a platform for test professionals on the topics and trends around their fields of interest have. “testing experience” is intended to be both: a magazine and a platform for discussion.

“testing experience” is the challenge of producing a high-quality magazine for professional testers made by and issued for people involved in testing. 

In the first edition, we rely on a lot of experienced and well-known authors with attention-grabbing articles like Tom Glib, Patricia McQuaid, Erik van Veenendaal, Mike Smith, Alon Linetzki, Rex Black, Derk-Jan de Grood, Haschida etc.

We hope to get the support of the global testing community by asking them to subscribe to the magazine and to make the magazine’s link known to their contacts.

Please find the first issue on the link:


If you’d like to get the “testing experience” as printed edition please subscribe on

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any recommendation, article to send or just to unsubscribe!


Best Regards 

José Díaz

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