SIGiST Israel Conference 2009

SIGiST Israel will hold its 3rd yearly event on July 2009

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Mr. Alon Linetzki


Dear SIGiST Israel members and colleagues !


The year 2008 was an exciting year for us at the forum. We have grown the number of total professionals in the different events, we had good feedbacks from all participants regarding most of the program, and found out that we are more mature and that members are coming regularly, willing to contribute more from their experience. Thank you!


Coming to 2009, and the current financial crisis, prompts major challenges on us test engineers and test managers. We are faced with demanding request to reduce manpower, while increase coverage, we are asked to cut corners and still have a low risk, and we are asked to motivate our people/professionals to make the best job they did ever – exceed the expectations of our clients. These times require us to make a big change. No longer can we do things as we used to. We have to add more value to the business.


That is why we have chosen the theme for this years' conference to be Practical Testing: Adding Business Value and Increasing ROI. We have included in this years' program topics that links directly and indirectly to adding value to the business, to lowering costs, using free tools and open source tools, improving our coverage, starting to make money out of testing, and more.


We are excited to present to you the program of SIGiST Israel Conference 2009, also in the tutorial days. This year, you can hear about how to implement TPI in your organization (a tutorial run by yours truly), about performance & Load in action (run again by Mieke Gevers, from Belgium, with a lot of hands on), and about Agile Testing in an Agile world (run by Lior Friedman). We might have some more for you in a while, so stay tuned to the website in the conference area.


On the international speakers list, we are going to hear this year, a European award winner (Testing Excellence Award), a professional with vast knowledge, experience and insight into the testing pragmatic world, based in the UK, Andy Redwood. Andy will discuss: Quality is Free if You are Willing to Pay for It. We also are going to hear a man who has great testing skills, combined with being a great entrepreneur, from the cold Sweden, Pablo Garcia. Pablo will speak about a hot topic in Israel development and testing community, Agile projects. He will speak about: Agile, a SoftWare development model or a religion?


I would like to welcome you to tour the mini site of the conference, look into the different sessions and tutorials, and see how they can give you ideas and help you improve.


I hope to see you all at the conference!




Alon Linetzki

SIGiST Israel Chair



Mr. Yan Baron

Dear Conference guest and speakers,


I would like to welcome you to the 3rd annual Israeli SIGiST conference. 

We're continuing a tradition that will make software testing in Israel more professional, more focused and more fun for us all.

The conference takes place during some rough times for the world economy, and our organizations feel it as well. During such times resources are stretched and priorities must be set. Activities are judged by their support of the business goals, and testing is no exception.

Therefore our main challenge is to promote best practices, and highlight their contribution to our company’s business goals.


We had two successful conferences so far, and our second challenge is to surpass our previous achievements. During this conference we will present and discuss solutions and real-world approaches to critical testing issues from leading Israeli companies.


I wish us all an informative and insightful conference, as well as success and prosperity. Hopefully by the next conference the economy will experience healthier times.


Yan Baron

Program Chair








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