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SIGiST Israel was founded in June 2000, by Mr. Alon Linetzki, and was self sponsored, for the first few meetings. Today, after many meetings, out of which several were sponsored by RadView, Rational (IBM) and Mercury (HP-Software), SIGiST Israel is the most reorganized testing community in the Israeli market. The SIGiST board today includes also Mr. Yan Baron, Automation Manager, Comverse, and Mrs. Debi Zylbermann, senior consultant in software quality assurance and website promotion.


SIGiST Israel meets every quarter; meetings are usually sponsored by testing companies, quality assurance companies and tool vendor companies. Once a year, SIGiST Israel is conducting its yearly conference, and invites international speakers and Israeli testing community speakers to discuss hot testing topics.


SIGIST Israel purpose and goals are to create a place in Israel were testing professionals can meet, speak on common issues, suggest solutions to common problems, and be a place were they can come up with a request for an answer, and get it! It aims to be the driving force and the trigger for recognition for the testing profession in Israel and is hoping to increase the awareness toward certification for the different levels of testing (using ISTQB certification scheme).


Today, SIGiST Israel is the strongest testing forum in the Israeli testing community, committed to bring the best knowledge on testing world-wide and to cooperate with other SIGiST boards around the world to achieve that.

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